Moin, I am Ruben Smidt.

I am a Software Engineer with expertise in full stack application engineering from start to finish. Besides my desk, you will find me on the tennis court, in my garden or paying Bremen downtown a visit.

My work

The following is an excerpt of my work, both open and closed source.

Screenshot of my website.
Personal Website

For a long time I was arguing with myself whether I need a traditional WordPress (or any other backend-heavy) stack to serve my website. Of course not. Static site generators like Hugo and Gatsby are perfectly capable of delivering an often far superior user experience. GitHub Actions allow me to keep the live site in sync with every push.

Go Hugo TailwindCss
Screenshot of Platzhalter.

Platzhalter is a small service to generate placeholder images for (but not only) web development purposes. I host a small public instance you can access like so:

Rust Actix-Web Cairo
Screenshot of my mothers' website.

An excellent coach (mediator, psychotherapist) needs an excellent web presence. That’s why I chose Next.js backed by a headless cms to build the website of my mother. Everytime something’s changed in the cms a webhook signals the hosting provider (Vercel) to rebuild the frontend.

Typescript Next.js Strapi

My stack

stack_logos/1_Java-Logo.svg stack_logos/2_Go-Logo.svg stack_logos/3_Typescript_Logo.svg stack_logos/4_JavaScript_Logo.svg stack_logos/5_React_Logo.svg stack_logos/6_Rust_Logo.svg stack_logos/7_Elixir_Logo.svg

I am both proficient in the JVM ecosystem as well as in other more bleeding edge technologies like web service development with Rust.

In the past, I have worked with various frontend technologies, most prominently Angular, Vue and React. The last 3 years, React has been my primary choice when it comes to frontend development. It is not just suited for developing more concise ui components but also for engineering complex single page applications.

Learning is something you will never be done with. Currently, I am really enjoying learning elixir. The Erlang VM is a great piece of technology and the functional nature of elixir allows for an unmatched developing experience.

Say hi

I'm always thrilled to meet new people, talk and discuss cool things or just chat about what's happening in the world.

The easiest way to contact me is via email. To keep spam low, you have to find out the address by yourself. Hint, it's the same domain as this site. The local-part (everything before @) is arbitrary (I have a catch-all) or just use ruben.

Here are some other ways to contact me (in no preferred order):